My husband had a PET Scan done Feb 2011, a pre approval was obtained from Secure Horizon, they are now refusing to pay bill and everytime I call I get a different reason, I have been calling for over 6 months now and always get a different customer service person and...
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Sunday I went to renew a prescription I have had for several years and was told the price was now $117 where it had cost previously $15 for three months. The pharmacy told me to call Secure Horizons. I did and after giving at least 3 different people my account number...
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Secure Horizons, Medicare Complete, AARP, United Health Medicare Solution, They change their name every couple of years because they think Senior\'s won\'t be able to keep up.

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Why I canceled secure horizons and feel sorry for those stuck with it. When I took secure horizons and contacted them for doctors in my area in florida.They gave 6 names called them 3 said they have not taken secure horizons for 2 years 2 cancelled 1 yeag ago the other...
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AARP - United Health Care - Secure Horizons has the horrible customer service.. I have been trying to get a bill paid for 8 months... Each time I call ... I have to start all over... I know they type everything in their systems, but continue to ask the same question...
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Been on secure horizon for15 years paid my deductibles never had a problem. They've been good for me. Ever where I've been. I understand you can't kiss some people's arsenal often enough.